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Are you achieving sales objectives?

Many things affect the capability of a sales function to deliver sales objectives. Changing customer needs, new products, the economic environment all have a part to play, but one of the most important factors is making sure the sales team is business ready.

TLSA’s Sales Capability Analysis gives you an accurate assessment of your capability, and potential, to achieve sales objectives, adopt new sales strategies and meet changing customer needs.

The Sales Capability Analysis

The Sales Capability Analysis provides a deep dive into your sales capability and is completed in three stages.

The scope of the Sales Capability Analysis is always structured to meet your business needs. The objective is to develop a complete understanding of sales capability from the perspective of sales leaders, sales people and other business functions. Typically, the analysis covers:

  • Market Readiness: is the sales force structure right to meet customer needs
  • Sales Leadership: do sales leaders have the capability to lead, coach and motivate sales teams to deliver outstanding performance
  • Sales Skills: do the sales team have the right skill sets to develop and retain customers
  • Customer Management: is account management and sales coverage right to meet market conditions
  • Distribution: is there an opportunity to develop and grow business through new sales channels such as online, telemarketing and distributors.

Dependent on the scope of the Sales Capability Analysis, we will agree with you an approach using a combination of all, or some of the following activities:

  • Sales Leadership Assessments: that include Leadership Scans, 360 Feedback Surveys, and Psychometric Assessments. The objective is to discover the strengths and development needs of each sales leader
  • Sales Capability Assessment: a powerful tool designed to assess the attitude skills and knowledge of individual sales people. Easily tailored to meet the criteria for different roles e.g., account manager, new business manager sales executive. The assessment provides an in depth analysis of each individual, identifies development needs and generates a coaching plan
  • Structured Interviews: to understand how stakeholders view key areas of capability and performance. Structured interviews are usually completed with senior sales leaders, line managers, account managers and sales people. Additionally, we may recommend including executives and managers from other functions that work with sales e.g., marketing, manufacturing and finance
  • Field Observations: a TLSA consultant works with your people to observe skills and behaviours in customer interactions
  • Focus Groups: events at which the sales team express their views on strengths and gaps in sales skills and behaviours
  • Customer Focus Groups: customers provide an insight into what they expect from your business.

We provide you with an in-depth report detailing findings, conclusions and recommendations.

The TLSA Consultant with take you through the report and work with you to develop a prioritised implementation plan designed to deliver your business objectives.

Want to Get Started?

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