Bespoke Training Programmes


Bespoke Training Programmes

A bespoke programmes is designed for your business to address your needs and objectives.

TLSA has a strong track record of creating bespoke programmes across many business sectors. Our recent projects have included:

  • A salesforce restructure in retail banking.
  • A leadership development programme in executive recruitment.
  • A strategic account management programme in luxury goods.

If your objective is to develop training to meet a specific business need then a bespoke training solution may well be the right solution for you.

Typically this might be:

Sales Strategy Change
  • A change of sales strategy that demands a new sales approach.
New Product Launch
  • A new product launch that needs new sales skills and knowledge.
Sales Restructure
  • A sales force restructure that needs a new approach to account management.
Changing Market Needs
  • A refocus of sales skills to meet changing market needs.

Solution Design Process

Our approach to developing bespoke training programmes involves working with your stakeholders to implement TLSA’s Solution Design Process. This is a proven approach that features five stages.

In stage one the aim is to define the needs, objectives and outcomes a bespoke programme must deliver. Your consultant will work with you to:

  • Explore every aspect of the project to ensure the needs of each decision-maker and stakeholder are understood
  • Identify specific learning methods you may wish to adopt
  • Agree with you the learning methods that will be the most effective for your people and your organisation:
    • Workshops
    • eLearning
    • Business simulation
    • Project work.

The Solution Design process is all about understanding ‘what good looks like’, and the results that the bespoke programme must achieve.

Stage two is usually completed in a in half-day workshop, this is a great opportunity for:

  • Each stakeholder to identify ‘what good looks like’ in their personal roles.
  • The group to develop these into specific outcomes.

A significant output of these events is the identification of:

  • Behavioural change the solution must deliver
  • New skills and knowledge the sales team needs to develop
  • Structural and organisational change the business needs to manage
  • Where resistance to change is likely to exist.

When completed the outcomes:

  • Define what the programme must achieve
  • Shape the content and structure of the programme.



In stage three the challenge is to create the bespoke training programme.

Using a blended learning approach, we work with you to create a programme that will integrate content featuring all, or a selection of, the following activity:

  • Launch events
  • Pre-work
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • eLearning
  • Business simulation
  • Project work
  • Certification.

The key to making training a success is to ensure participants activate the content in their personal roles. TLSA has led the way in this area and will support you with a series of options that include:

  • Certification: participants complete a role-based project designed to activate the training. The project is assessed against a specific brief and the certification is provided through:
    • An in-company scheme.
    • The Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).
    • The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
  • Line manager coaching: one-to-one or group sessions with line managers to provide support and advice
  • Line manager coaching support: to help line managers assess coaching needs and implement effective coaching plans
  • Story-based simulation and eLearning: to refresh learning and onboard new people. This is an option that can be used at specific events or as mobile learning
  • Workouts: held on a quarterly basis, these events measure progress, identify action areas and set strategy.

To ensure you are always aware of progress, challenges and areas where change may be needed, TLSA will support you with:

  • An agreed account management strategy
  • Project meetings, performance analysis, reports and feedback.
  • Return on Investment. Our ‘Measuring Your Investment’ package provides five options to evaluate your return on investment.

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