Sales Assessments


The right people in the right role – the key to achieving sales objectives.

You may be recruiting new people, developing leaders, promoting current team members or you might just want to develop the skills of your team.

Whatever the challenge, using the data and insights from TLSA’s range of sales assessments will help you make the right decisions.

We offer three powerful assessment tools each designed to meet different needs:

The PXT Select

You can use this psychometric assessment to help you with recruitment and internal promotion decisions. This normative assessment provides:

  • Data on an individual’s cognitive ability, behaviours and motivational interests
  • A clear picture of how an individual is likely to perform, and be motivated, in a specific role.
The Checkpoint 360

A great assessment for developing sales leaders!  Checkpoint is a 360 feedback system shows leaders and managers how they are seen by their line reports, peers and two line managers.

The Checkpoint 360 provides a detailed analysis that:

  • Covers 8 leadership and management competencies broken down into 18 skill sets and 72 behaviours
  • Includes advice and coaching on personal development.
Sales Capability Check

Designed by TLSA this assessment is great way to assess the capabilities of sales leaders, sales managers, account managers and sales people. The assessment uses a maximum of 55 criteria to assess capability, identify training needs and create a personalised coaching plan.

What can you expect from our three powerful assessments?


PXT Select

The Assessment

The PXT Select™ is a psychometric assessment that:

  • Measures cognitive ability, behaviours and interests
  • Measures how a person matches a specific role
  • Measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive
  • Suggests ideas for coaching
  • Identifies areas to question in recruitment
  • Identifies leadership strengths and potential
  • Is a normative assessment which compares an individual to the population, rather than generating a self-image.

Job Matching

One of the unique features of the PXT. Through a survey completed by people who understand the role we create a model that defines the ‘ideal individual’ and then compare individual results to the model. This means for a promotion or recruitment decision you have a clear picture of how successful each individual is likely to be in a specific role.


The PXT features a suite of reports that include:

  1. Individual Feedback: for the individual
  2. Individual Report: detailing results for cognitive ability, behaviours and interests
  3. Coaching Report: for existing team members. This report provides ideas and advice on how to coach an individual in key performance areas
  4. Selection Report: for recruitment, with suggested areas and questions to use on final interviews
  5. Leadership Report: for leaders and managers. This report provides a clear picture of the individual’s strengths and development areas, supported with advice on coaching and personal development.



Checkpoint 360

The Assessment

The Checkpoint 360 is a feedback assessment that provides leaders and managers with an evaluation of their performance by direct reports, peers and two line managers. The output provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Compare the opinions of others with their own self-perception
  • Identify leadership and management strengths
  • Determine and prioritise personal development areas.


Every leader needs feedback about their individual performance. However, people are often unsure about giving candid feedback in case they upset a colleague.

The Checkpoint 360 ensures anonymity for respondents (except for line management) creating an environment in which people can be honest and objective in the feedback they provide.


The Checkpoint 360 provides a detailed analysis of performance in 8 leadership and management competencies that break down into 18 skill sets and 72 behaviours.

The results are presented in a detailed report that utilises easy-to-understand graphs, charts and narrative. The results are presented in a format this is designed to help people use the data for self-development.

Additionally, the report features a ‘personal growth’ section that gives people coaching advice on how to improve performance.



Sales Capability Check

The Assessment

The Sales Capability Check is an assessment that is used to:

  • Assess the skill sets of sales leaders and sales people
  • Identify training needs and create performance coaching plans

Using role-specific criteria, the assessment identifies strengths and development areas. Currently, we have created criteria for the following roles:

  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Distributor Account Manager
  • Consultative Sales Person
  • New Business Developer
  • B2B Sales Person
  • Telesales Person


The Sales Capability Check provides three deliverables that make a collaborative development aid for line managers and direct reports:

  1. An assessment of skill sets using role criteria.
  2. Identification of priority development needs.
  3. The development of a performance coaching plan provides line managers and direct reports with a basis for effective coaching.


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