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Negotiating Winning Solutions

In this interactive programme, participants discover a three-step approach to negotiation.

Step 1: Understanding the ‘Field of Play’

Step 2: Negotiation Tactics

Step 3: Negotiating a Winning Solution

Participative content develops negotiation skills which participants test through case studies based on scenarios that are relevant to your business.

Who is this course for?


Sales People & Professionals

Who are responsible for negotiating terms and conditions.


Business Development Managers

Who are responsible for negotiating with prospects.


Sales Directors, Leaders & Managers

People who need to understand and coach negotiation skills.


What are the objectives and deliverables?

Objective 1: Identify the skills and qualities needed to be a professional negotiator.

Objective 2: Understand when to negotiate in the business-to-business sales cycle.

Objective 3: Implement a step-by-step approach based on a three-stage negotiation process.

Objective 4: Manage pressure points and understand body language in the negotiation process.



What are the benefits for your business?

Business Growth

You achieve improved business results through professional negotiation

Skilled People

Your people develop as professionals with the skills to negotiate winning solutions that bring customers back


Your people conclude business deals that are profitable, but fair for the customer and you

Provider of Choice

You become a provider of choice for your accounts, because your people negotiate fair and equitable terms

A Positive Culture

You’ll create a positive momentum as people become valued members of the team

What’s included in the course?

Participants compete the following pre-work assignments

  • Personal Analysis: The Qualities of the Professional Negotiator
  • Personal Task: Negotiation tactics

A two workshop covering:

  • The skills and qualities of the professional negotiator.
  • Timing: understanding when selling stops and negotiation starts in the sales cycle.
  • Three-Step Negotiation Process:
    1. The Field of Play
    2. Negotiation Tactics
    3. Negotiating a solutions
  • People Management: how to interpret behaviours and read body language in the negotiation process.

Once participants have completed the Negotiating Winning Solutions Workshop they are briefed with a personal project designed to:

  • Activate the learning with one, or multiple, current business cases.
  • Provide a template to extend the learning to other accounts.

The project challenges participants to implement specific tasks and activities agreed upon between you and TLSA.

The project is usually completed over a two-three month period.

Participants present the results of their personal projects to senior management and TLSA.

The ROI is seen in the measurable results:

  • Achieved through the project.
  • Projected results with other customers.
  • The personal skills and knowledge developed by each participant.

What will participants leave with?


Field of Play Summary

A powerful aid that participants use to understand the critical issues of each negotiation. This is an aid that ensures participants gather all of the information they need to plan and implement a winning solution.


Negotiation Tactics

A guide on eight core negotiation tactics that covers planning and implementation.


Give, Get Negotiation Planner

Critical to developing a winning solution, this aid ensures that every negotiation move is valued and targeted to achieve something of equal value from the other party.


Negotiating Winning Solutions Manual

All our Ready To Go programmes are supported with a professionally prepared participant manual that cover the course content, all practical assignments and detail copy slides. Each participant is provided with the programme manual as a printed copy and in PDF format.


TLSA Completion Certification

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme. If an external certification from a professional body is included with the programme the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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