Negotiating Winning Solutions

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Negotiating Winning Solutions

This is a programme for sales professionals who negotiate terms and conditions for high value sales opportunities.

Negotiating winning solutions equips participants with the skills to be a professional negotiator. An individual who:

  • Implements an assertive approach to negotiation
  • Plans business negotiations to deliver successful outcomes
  • Uses a variety of negotiation tactics to resolve issues and maintain the commitment of everyone involved in a negotiation
  • Leads negotiations using a process that ensures every negotiable is identified and resolved to achieve a winning solution.

Who is Negotiating Winning Solutions for?


Sales Professionals

Who are responsible for negotiating terms and conditions for high value sales opportunities.


Business Development Managers

Who are responsible for negotiating terms and conditions with new customers.


Sales Directors, Leaders & Managers

People who are responsible for coaching their teams on negotiation skills.


Negotiating Winning Solutions

Aim and Objectives

The programme aim is to equip participants with the negotiation skills and behaviours needed to achieve results that both parties view as a ‘winning solution’.

Programme Objectives

To deliver this aim the programme is focused on three objectives:

  1. Personal Qualities
    To develop the personal skills and behaviours of a professional negotiator.
  1. Defining Negotiation
    To understand the timings, outcomes and structure of a negotiated solution that is seen as a win for both sides.
  1. Managing the Negotiation
    To implement a unique three step approach to managing negotiations, featuring:
    • Step 1: Establishing the Field of Play
    • Step 2: Planning Negotiation Tactics
    • Step 3: negotiating a Winning Solution.


What are the benefits for your business?

Skilled People

Sales people equipped with the skills to negotiate winning solutions that generate profit and build customer confidence.

Business Growth

Professional sales people with the skills to negotiate profitable solutions for high value sales opportunities.

Relationship Development

Sales people who negotiate solutions that are fair and build the relationship with the customer.

Provider of Choice

An approach to negotiation that builds confidence and makes your business the customer’s provider of choice.

A Positive Culture

Sales people produce results that create a positive culture and make people feel they are valued members of the sales team.


What’s included in the programme?

The pre-work assignment engages participants in the programme. The assignment features two parts:

  • The Professional Negotiator
    Pre-reading on the personal skills and qualities needed to be a professional negotiator.
  • Personal Analysis
    Based on the pre-reading participants complete a personal analysis of personal strengths and development areas.

Participants have the opportunity to review and use the outputs of the pre-work at the ‘Negotiating Winning Solutions’ workshop.

This is a two day interactive event in which participants discover the skills and behaviours they need to be a professional negotiator.

The workshop features a blended learning approach, featuring presentation, debate, role-play, syndicates, and case studies.

The workshop features:

  • Pre-work review
  • Defining negotiation, how timing, desired outcomes and structure are combined to create a winning solution
  • Stakeholder management in the negotiation process
  • The negotiation process, a proven methodology for planning, and implementing business negotiations to achieve winning solutions:
    1. Establishing the ‘Field of Play’.
    2. Planning negotiation tactics.
    3. Negotiating a winning solution.
  • People and pressure: managing the way individuals react to pressure in the negotiation process

In the 8-12 weeks following the workshop participants complete a personal project based on their individual roles. The project is structured and features a series of tasks, which act as a catalyst to help participants:

  • Develop negotiation skills
  • Test and activate the learning from the workshop with their teams
  • Embed new practice and ideas as normal business activity.

A measurable return on investment is delivered at a coaching event following completion of the personal project. Individuals present their results to your key stakeholders and TLSA (optional). The event delivers three outputs:

  1. Activation: ensuring participants activate the learning in their personal roles.
  2. Evaluation: a clear view of how the programme impacts on business performance.
  3. Return on Investment: measurable results that identify personal development and the impact on the business.

Negotiating Winning Solutions Toolbox?

As participants complete the workshop they receive a series of negotiation tools to support them in their personal roles:


Field of Play Analysis

A negotiation aid to help sales professionals understand the critical issues of each negotiation. This is a tool that ensures participants establish and structure all of the information they need to plan and implement a winning solution.


Negotiation Tactics

A powerful aid that covers eight negotiation tactics and provides participants with a guide on how to:

  • Use each tactic as a business professional
  • React when the tactic is used by the other side.

Give, Get Negotiation Planner

Critical to developing a winning solution, the Give-Get Planner helps sales professionals ensure that every negotiation trade is valued and targeted to achieve something of equal value from the other party.


Negotiating Winning Solutions Manual

A great resource to revisit the content, the notes are professionally prepared, easy to use and available in digital or printed format.


TLSA Completion Certification

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme.

If an external certification from a professional body is integrated into the programme, the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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