Influencing Skills for Sales Managers

‘Influencing is the ability to change the thinking, beliefs, behaviours and actions of others on a permanent basis.’

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Influencing Skills for Sales Managers

A program designed to equip sales leaders with with the skills needed to influence customers, colleagues and direct reports to support sales strategy, business ideas and sales propositions.

Influencing Skills shows participants how they can influence others to:

  • Gain commitment
  • Permanently change views
  • Impact positively on sales performance.

Using a blended learning approach the content covers the influencing behaviours and skills needed to influence in a business environment.

Who is this programme for?


Sales Leaders & Managers

Sales leaders, managers and executives who need to influence others in their business roles.



Business Owners & Sales Leaders

Business owners and sales leaders who need to coach colleagues on influencing skills.


Influencing Skills for Sales Managers

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the programme is to give people the skills they need to gain the commitment of colleagues, peers and customers in business interactions.

Programme Objectives

To deliver this aim the programme is focused on four objectives in business critical areas:

  1. Influencing Behaviours
    To develop the behaviours needed to influence using a directive, challenging or supportive approach.
  1. Influencing Skills
    To understand how to use a range of influencing skills to achieve positive outcomes in different situations.
  1. Influencing Assets
    To identify and understand how to use the influencing assets people have access to.
  1. Active Influencing
    To develop the skills to manage an effective influencing conversation and achieve positive outcomes.



What are the benefits for your business?

Skilled Leaders

Professional sales managers with the skills to influence and create positive outcomes.

Balancing Influencing and Coaching

Leaders who understand when influencing, rather than coaching, is the solution to achieving outcomes that people are committed to..

Business Growth

Managers who use influencing skills to commit people to new ideas that benefit the business.

Motivated People

A sales team functions that supports the strategy, aims and business plans of the organisation.

A Positive Culture

Managers who understand how influencing creates a positive environment in which people feel they are highly valued.

What’s included in the programme?

The pre-work assignment is designed to motivate and engage participants with the programme. The assignment features two tasks:

  • Influencing versus Persuasion
    Pre-reading on the differences between ‘Influencing’ and ‘Persuasion’ and the results these two approaches achieve.
  • Personal Analysis
    Based on the pre-reading, participants complete a personal analysis of strengths and development areas.

Participants have the opportunity to review and use the outputs of the pre-work at the ‘Influencing Skills for Sales Managers’ workshop.

This is a one day, interactive event in which participants explore the skills and behaviours needed to be a successful influencer..

The workshop features a blended learning approach, featuring presentation, case study, debate, role-play and syndicates. The workshop features:

  • Influence versus Persuasion
  • Influencing Behaviours
  • Influencing Skills
  • Influencing Assets
  • Active Influencing: a five stage approach designed to achieve positive outcomes from influencing:
    1. Developing trust and rapport.
    2. Understanding the position.
    3. Proposing a solution.
    4. Structuring agreement.
    5. Developing commitment.
  • Managing Emotion and Resistance

In the eight weeks following the workshop participants complete a personal project based on their individual roles. The project is structured and features a series of tasks, which act as a catalyst to help participants:

  • Develop influencing skills
  • Test and activate the learning from the workshop in their personal roles
  • Embed new practice and ideas as normal business activity.

A measurable return on investment is delivered at a coaching event following completion of the personal project. Individuals present their results to your key stakeholders and TLSA (optional). The event delivers three outputs:

  1. Activation: ensuring participants activate the learning in their personal roles.
  2. Evaluation: a clear view of how the programme impacts on business performance.
  3. Return on Investment: measurable results that identify personal development and the impact on the business.

Influencing Skills for Sales Managers Toolbox

As participants complete the workshop they receive a collection of influencing tools to support them in their personal roles:


Influencing Planner

A powerful aid that helps participants identify the right influencing behaviours, skills, and approach to use in interactions with colleagues and customers.


Influencing Skills Analysis

A self-analysis that participants use to complete an analysis of their personal influencing skills that:

  • Identifies the skills that are strengths and those that are a priority for development
  • Equips participants with the insights to choose the skills that will be most effective for different influencing conversations.


Influencing Skills Manual

A great resource to revisit the content, the notes are professionally prepared, easy to use and available in digital or printed format.


TLSA Completion Certification

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme.

If an external certification from a professional body is included with the programme, the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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