Essential Sales Skills

Give your people the essential sales skills they need to be a sales professional!

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Essential Sales Skills

Give your people the sales skills that are the foundation for success in business to business selling. This is a programme that is designed for:

  • Established sales people who need to refresh essential sales skills
  • People who are new to a business to business sales role.

Structured for sales people operating in field and office roles, Essential Sales Skills covers:

  1. The skills and qualities of a professional sales person.
  2. Personal organisation and planning.
  3. The Main Beam: a sales model featuring ten core sales skills integrated into a sales approach that is proven to deliver sales success.

Who is this course for?


Sales People

Who are new to sales or experienced sales people who need to refresh essential sales skills.


Business Development Managers

Who are responsible for winning new accounts.


Sales Directors, Leaders & Managers

People who need to understand and coach their teams on essential sales skills.


Essential Sales Skills

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the programme is to develop the skills and behaviours participants need to be seen as a professional sales person.

Programme Objectives

To deliver this aim the programme is focused on three objectives in key areas:

  1. The Professional Sales Person
    To understand the skills and qualities of a professional sales person operating in a ‘business to business’ sales environment.
  1. Personal Organisation and Planning
    To develop the skills and knowledge that ensure each customer meeting, the business day and the business week are managed in the most profitable and efficient way.
  1. Essential Selling Skills
    To develop the skills participants need to manage sales opportunities and develop customer relationships.





What are the benefits for your business?

The Main Beam

A model that provides sales people with a proven structure to manage and close sales opportunities.

Planning and Organisation

Your people discover how to ensure time is used with the right customers and plan the sales day and business week to maximise face-to-face selling time.

Business Growth

Sales people equipped with the skills to professionally manage opportunities, close business and grow sales revenue.

Skilled People

Skilled people who are valued by customers and an asset for your business.


Your people close sales on profitable terms.

A Positive Culture

An approach to customer management that fosters a positive culture and builds momentum with people who know they are valued members of the sales team.

What’s included in the programme?

The pre-work assignment engages participants in the programme. The assignment features two parts:

  • The Qualities of the Professional Sales Person
    Pre-reading on the personal skills and qualities needed to be a professional sales person.
  • Personal Analysis
    Based on the pre-reading. participants complete a personal analysis of strengths and development areas.

Participants have the opportunity to review and use the outputs of the pre-work at the ‘Essential Sales Skills’ workshop.


This is a two day interactive event in which participants discover essential selling skills.

The workshop features a blended learning approach, featuring presentation, debate, role-play, syndicates, and case studies. The content features:

  • The Professional Sales Person
    Participants review the content and outputs from the pre-work assignment.
  • Personal Planning and Organisation
    Every time a sales person meets a customer the individual is given the ‘privilege of the customer’s time’. A badly planned meeting is an abuse of that privilege!
    Essential Sales shows participants how to professionally plan customer meetings, organise the business week and plan customer management based on potential and profitability.
  • The Main Beam
    Participants cover TLSAs ‘Main Beam’ sales model that combines ten core sales into a proven sales structure for managing sales opportunities. The sales skills covered in the ‘Main Beam’ are:
    1. Opening the meeting.
    2. Structuring dialogue.
    3. Questions and active listening.
    4. Bridging statements.
    5. Structuring solutions.
    6. Selling benefits.
    7. The pre-close and close.
    8. Managing objections.
    9. Answering customer questions.
    10. Generating referrals.

In the 8 weeks following the workshop participants complete a personal project based on their individual roles. The project is structured and features a series of tasks, which act as a catalyst to help participants activate the training. The project covers:

  • Personal organisation
  • Planning customer meetings and contacts
  • Implementing the Main Beam and ten essential sales skills
  • Achieving sales objectives.

A measurable return on investment is delivered at a coaching event following completion of the personal project. Individuals present their results to your key stakeholders and TLSA (optional). The event delivers three outputs:

  1. Activation: ensuring participants activate the learning in their personal roles.
  2. Evaluation: a clear view of how the programme impacts on business performance.
  3. Return on Investment: measurable results that identify personal development and the impact on the business.

The Essential Sales Skills Toolbox?

As participants complete the workshop they receive a series of Essential Sales Skills tools to support them in their personal roles.



Personal Planner

A powerful tool that sales people use to ensure customer meetings, the sales day and the business week are professionally planned to deliver the best results for the customer and your business.


The Main Beam

This model provides participants with a proven structure to engage customers with professionally planned and implemented sales approach.


Benefit Statement Planner

A powerful aid that helps sales people ensure they align benefits with customer needs to create sales propositions that customers want to buy.


Objection Planner

A great aid sales people use to plan how they will manage, or pre-empt, the potential objections a customer may raise.


Essential Sales Skills Manual

A great resource to revisit the content, the notes are professionally prepared, easy to use and available in digital or printed format.


TLSA Completion Certificate

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme.

If an external certification from a professional body is included with the programme, the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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