Winning New Accounts

‘Give your people the skills to win new business.’

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Winning New Accounts

Designed for people who are tasked with winning new business, in this programme participants explore a proven approach to opening new accounts.

Participants discover how to turn prospects into new customers with content that covers:

  • Lead Generation
  • Profiling Prospects
  • Winning Appointments
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Managing the New Business Sales Cycle
  • Closing New Business

Who is this course for?


Salespeople or Professionals

Who are responsible for opening new accounts.


Business Development Managers

Who are responsible for winning new accounts.


Sales Directors, Leaders & Managers

People who need to understand and coach on new business development.


What are the objectives and deliverables?

Objective 1: Understand the skills and qualities of a new business developer
Objective 2: Develop a sustainable new business process
Objective 3: Implement a strategy that delivers a flow of new business appointments with the right people
Objective 4: Influence decision-makers and stakeholders to support your business
Objective 5: Control and manage the new business sales cycle
Objective 6: Develop discussion documents and proposals
Objective 7: Implement and close the new business sale



What are the benefits for your business?

New Business Development Skills

Professionals with the skills to identify prospects and win new business.

Sustainable New Business Process

A step-by-step approach to new business development that will evolve to meet the needs of your business.

Profitable Relationships

A professional approach to new business development sets the foundations for relationships that are valued by customers and profitable for you.

Shaping The Future

You will win new customers that will generate future business growth.

What’s included in the course?

Participants compete the following pre-work assignments

  • Personal Analysis: The New Business Developer
  • Simulation: Winning Appointments

A two-day workshop covering:

  • The skills and qualities of a new business developer
  • Profiling prospects
  • Developing a new business process
  • Creating and Managing Stakeholder Networks
  • Managing the new business sales cycle
  • Creating discussion documents and proposals
  • Consultative Selling: in the new business sale:
    1. Opening Contact
    2. Psychology in the consultative sale
    3. Needs Analysis
    4. Creating and presenting a Compelling Solution
    5. Closing the new account sale
  • Presenting a compelling solution

Once participants have completed the Winning New Accounts Workshop they are briefed with a personal project designed to:

  • Activate the learning with one or multiple prospects
  • Provide a template to extend the learning to other accounts.

The project challenges participants to implement specific tasks and activities agreed upon between you and TLSA.

The project is usually completed over a two-three month period.

Participants present the results of their personal project to senior management and TLSA.

The ROI is seen in the measurable results:

  • Achieved by winning new business
  • Projected results with other prospects
  • The personal skills and knowledge developed by each participant.

What will participants leave with?


Appointment Planner

A powerful aid that provides a proven process to create the content of phone calls, emails, letters, and social media that engages prospects. This is a process that makes sure your people have the new business appointments they need.


New Business Process

A proven structure to create a profitable, repeatable new business process


Consultative Selling Planner

The planner will help your people identify development opportunities, and potential objections and how to deal with them, prioritise and agree on customer needs and much more.


Needs Analysis Planner

A powerful document to help your people plan the key areas and questions to probe that will generate the information to create a compelling solution the customer will want to buy


New Business Sales Cycle Qualifier

Perfect to identify key actions to progress each business cycle. Prepare accurate business forecasts covering sales probability, value and timings and identify areas of personal strength and development.


Winning New Accounts Manual

All our Ready To Go programmes are supported with a professionally prepared participant manual that covers the course content, all practical assignments and detailed copy slides. Each participant is provided with the programme manual as a printed copy and in PDF format.


TLSA Completion Certificate

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme. If an external certification from a professional body is included with the programme the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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