Key Account Management

‘Give your account managers the skills to develop profitable, long-term relationships with your most valuable customers.’

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Key Account Management

Designed to develop the skills and behaviours your people need to manage key accounts. High value customers that:

  • Involve multiple stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Are profitable and strategically important to your business.

Key Account Management is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Professionals, which means the programme is quality assured by the UK’s leading professional body for sales and sales management.

In this programme participants:

  • Discover a Key Account Management strategy designed to grow sales revenue and develop profitable relationships
  • Apply the content to one of their own key accounts, testing and developing an approach they can extend to other accounts.

Who is this programme for?


Key Account Managers & Sales Professionals

Competent sales people who want to make the move from sales person to business person.


Business Development Managers

Who are responsible for winning business with the key accounts of the future.


Sales Directors, Leaders & Managers

People who need to understand and coach key account management skills.


Key Account Management

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the programme is to equip participants with the skills and behaviours to be seen as a business partner by their key accounts.

Programme Objectives
To deliver this aim the programme is focused on three objectives:

  1. Key Account Management Strategy
    To develop the skills to create and implement strategic key account business plans, structured to deliver mutually agreed business objectives.
  1. Key Account Management Skills and Behaviours
    To develop the skills to implement the key account plan and manage key account relationships.
  1. Key Account Plan
    To develop a strategic account plan for one account designed to achieve mutually agreed objectives and deliver business growth.

What are the benefits for your business?

Skilled Key Account Managers

Key Account Managers equipped with the skills to retain, develop and grow business with your most important customers.

Profitable Relationships

Business relationships that are valued by your key accounts and profitable for your business.

Shape The Future

Key Account Managers with the skills to shape future business using proven retention and growth strategies.

Provider Of Choice

A professional approach to Key Account Management makes you the customer’s provider of choice.


Key Account Managers who communicate effectively and ensure stakeholders on both sides of the relationship are engaged, motivated and committed to delivering their personal roles in the management of each key account.

A Positive Culture

An approach to key account management that fosters a positive culture and builds momentum with people who know they are valued members of the key account management team.

What’s included in the programme?

The pre-work assignment engages participants in the programme. The assignment features three parts:

  • The Professional Key Account Manager
    Pre-reading on the skills, qualities and behaviours that make a professional key account manager.
  • Expectations
    A personal task covering the expectations of the key account manager from the perspective of the customer, the business, colleagues and peers.
  • The Target Account
    Participants identify and prepare the key account they will work with in the Key Account Management workshop.

This is a two day, interactive event in which participants explore the skills and behaviours needed to be a professional key account manager.

A blended learning approach, features presentation, debate, role-play, syndicates, and the option to include TLSA’s unique ‘Winning Major Sales’’ business simulation.

The workshop covers:

  • Defining a Key Account
  • The professional key account manager
  • Key account management strategy
  • The strategic objective and value proposition
  • Stakeholder management
  • Manging executive relationships
  • Managing the key account sales cycle
  • Communication strategy
  • Relationship development.

‘Winning Major Sales’ simulation
A great way to give participants the opportunity to test the training in a virtual environment. Working in teams participants take on the role of a key account manager and are then faced with a series of challenges and decisions, through which they implement the workshop content.
If the simulation option is taken, the workshop becomes a three-day event.

Institute of Sales Professionals Certification
TLSA is an Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) certified training organisation. This means our service and materials are quality assured by the UK’s leading professional body for sales and sales management.
The Key Account Management programme is endorsed by the ISP, which provides the option to include certification from an independent endorsing body for participants.

In the 8-12 weeks following the workshop participants complete a personal project based on the target account. The project is structured and features a series of tasks, which act as a catalyst to help participants:

  • Develop key account management skills
  • Test and activate the learning from the workshop with the target account
  • Embed new practice and ideas as normal business activity.

A measurable return on investment is delivered at a coaching event following completion of the personal project. Individuals present their results to your key stakeholders and TLSA (optional). The event delivers three outputs:

  1. Activation: ensuring participants activate the learning in their personal roles.
  2. Evaluation: a clear view of how the programme impacts on business performance.
  3. Return on Investment: measurable results that identify personal development and the impact on the business.

The Key Account Management Toolbox

As participants complete the workshop they receive a collection of key account management tools to support them in their personal roles:


Account Plan

A generic example of a completed account plan. This provides participants with an example they can use as a blueprint for their own accounts.


Key Account Planner

A great aid your people use to create strategic account plans that act as the foundation for growing business.

This is an invaluable aid which is designed to focus the strategic thinking of account managers and provides a clear strategy document that can be shared with stakeholders in the customer and your business.


Sales Cycle Qualifier

This powerful aid shows participants how to move sales opportunities to a successful close, prepare accurate pipeline forecasts and identify coaching needs.


Key Account Management Notes

A great resource to revisit the content, the notes are professionally prepared, easy to use and available in digital or printed format.


TLSA Completion Certificate

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme.

If an external certification from a professional body is integrated into the programme, the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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