The Training Conundrum: Why Investing in Sales Training Courses is Key to Business Success

Thu, 30 May 2024 Updated By: Brett Lyons

We need to improve sales performance!

We need to be seen as business partners!

We need to improve sales management!

Does this sound familiar? Let us discuss more how we apply solutions to these questions. When considering the reasons businesses invest in sales training courses, there are multiple motivations to consider. With over 25 years in this field, I have seen many different approaches to training. This article aims to shed light on the real benefits of sales training and how it can transform sales performance.

The Importance of Ongoing Sales Training

The need for regular investment in sales training is clear. It is not just about improving immediate sales figures. It’s about motivating your team, keeping your best performers on board, and attracting skilled new talent. I remember when I started at Mars Incorporated; it was not just about selling to supermarkets. What really attracted me was the high-quality sales training they offered – it’s the same reason why companies like Unilever, P&G, and Cadbury’s were top choices for ambitious people.

Making the Case for Sales Training

Is investing in sales training worthwhile? Definitely. Sales teams are assets that become more valuable when their experience is backed up with regular training and coaching. I once had a conversation with a HR director who didn’t see the value in training for his ‘experienced team’. When I asked if experience meant they might be repeating the same mistakes, it sparked a rethink and a deployment of a sales training programme that had a huge impact on sales performance and retention of top performers.

The Broad Benefits of Sales Training

Sales training goes beyond just improving skills. It’s about aligning your team with your business goals and customer needs. Good training prepares your salespeople to build strong relationships with key clients and to become trusted advisors. This helps your business grow and keeps your customers happy and loyal.

Sales Training in the Wider Business Context

Effective sales training is crucial when you’re dealing with big changes like restructuring your sales team, launching new products, or shifting your business strategy. A solid training programme does more than meet short-term goals. It creates an environment in which your team feels confident, valued and motivated, three keys to keeping your best people which inevitably has a positive effect on business revenue.

Developing a Successful Sales Training Programme

To create a training programme that really works, consider these steps:

1 – Define What You Want to Achieve:

In developing training programs at TLSA, the first essential step is to clearly define the desired outcomes. This involves identifying the specific business results, skill enhancements, and behavioural changes needed. Our expertise at TLSA also aids in pinpointing additional beneficial outcomes for your business that you might not have initially considered.

Naturally a critical aspect of this process is conducting an in-depth needs analysis to understand what a training programme has to deliver for your business.

Equally as important is understanding the current capabilities of your team. The TLSA Sales Capability Assessment is an invaluable tool. It allows you to assess 55 criteria across various sales roles like Key Account Manager, Consultative Seller, and New Business Developer, that accurately determines training and coaching needs on an individual basis.

2 – Create Relevant Content:

When considering training solutions, you might be torn between custom-made programs and off-the-shelf options. In such cases, the TLSA ‘Ready to Go’ programme presents an excellent middle ground. These programs uniquely blend the convenience of pre-designed courses with the ability to customise. They are ‘ready to go’ yet can be tailored specifically to your team’s needs through detailed case studies. These studies are crafted around the real-world business scenarios that your team members face in their respective roles, ensuring relevance and practical application.

3 – Activate

Many clients often express a valid concern about the effectiveness of training programs: the worry that participants will attend but then revert to their old ways. At TLSA, we’ve tackled this challenge head-on. We’ve developed a methodology specifically designed to ensure that participants not only learn new skills but also actively apply them in their individual roles. This approach helps in bridging the gap between learning and practical implementation, ensuring lasting change and improvement.

4 – Measure the Results:

In line with the concept of ‘activation’, TLSA’s coaching, and evaluation events offer a prime opportunity to assess individual performance and yield measurable results. These events are instrumental in demonstrating the tangible impact of our programs on both your employees and the broader business. This approach not only highlights individual growth but also showcases the real, quantifiable benefits of the training for your organisation.

Investing in Your Team’s Future

In conclusion, investing in sales training is about investing in the future of your business. It prepares your team for current and future challenges and opens new opportunities. TLSA offers a range of services and tools to help strengthen your sales team’s capabilities.

Sales training is more than just learning new skills; it’s about strategically preparing your team for success. With TLSA’s Ready to Go programmes, you can ensure your sales team is equipped to meet your business goals.

Reach out to TLSA today to explore how our sales training courses can help your business grow and succeed.

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