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Deliver the Future! Give your sales leaders the strategic skills to deliver business growth

The Sales Director

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Deliver the Future! Give your sales leaders the strategic skills to deliver business growth

A programme designed for Sales Directors, Senior Sales Leaders and Business Owners who are responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy that drives the business

This challenging course features a blend of presentations, practical assignments and case studies to show sales leaders how to plan business performance and deliver growth objectives. Participants explore how to develop strategy and lead the sales function to:

  • Set sales strategy aligned with the objectives of the organisation
  • Deliver financial and growth objectives
  • Lead with a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Engage the team in a shared vision

Who is this course for?


Sales Directors


Sales Leaders


Business Owners


What are the objectives and deliverables?

Objective 1: Develop the skills and knowledge to create a strategic aim that engages the sales team in a shared purpose and direction.

Objective 2: Discover how to create and implement a strategy that integrates strategic objectives, goals and timelines that drive the business.

Objective 3: Explore how the strategic leader balances working ‘in’ the business against working ‘on’ the business.

Objective 4: Identify the right approach to market and then develop the people resources and capability to make it happen.


What are the benefits for your business?

Skilled Leaders

Professionals with the skills to engage the team in a shared purpose and direction.


A clearly defined sales strategy aligned with the aims of the organisation.

Motivated People

A sales team engaged in achieving common objectives, who recognise their contribution is valued by the organisation.


A strategy that ensures everyone understands the aim of the business and their personal responsibilities.

A Positive Culture

Leaders and the team work with a strategy that encourages innovation and change.

What’s included in the course?

Participants complete the following pre-work assignments

  • Personal Analysis: The skills and qualities of a professional sales director
  • Expectations Project: The expectations of the sales director

A three-day workshop covering:

  • The role of the sales director
  • The principles of strategic sales leadership:
    1. Creating a strategic aim and value proposition
    2. Defining strategic objectives
    3. Building strategic goals
    4. Developing the business environment
    5. Empowering and enabling the team
  • The Current State: understanding sales capability
  • Developing and implementing a strategic plan
  • Identifying and managing change issues
  • Developing the business environment
  • Empowering the team
  • Creating a high-performance team

Once participants have completed the workshop they are briefed with a personal project in which they are challenged to:

  • Create a strategic sales plan
  • Activate the learning in their personal role

The project challenges participants to implement specific tasks and activities agreed between you and TLSA.

The project is usually competed over a two-three month period.

Participants present the results of their personal project to senior management and TLSA.

The ROI is seen in the measurable results achieved by each participant:

  • Implementing the sales strategy
  • Developing a professional sales function
  • Developing the personal skills and knowledge to be a professional sales director

What will participants leave with?

All our Ready To Go programmes are supported with professionally prepared participant notes that cover the course content, all practical assignments and copy slides. a great resource to revisit and refresh the content. They are also available as a PDF file.


Strategic Sales Planner

A powerful aid designed to support the sales director with the task of developing a strategic sales plan. The planner provides a step-by-step approach that plans the journey from the current state to the desired state.


Team Projects

A series of practical projects that support the implementation of the strategic plan. These projects are designed to be used with:

  • Senior managers in the sales function
  • Each salesperson

Each project integrates with the strategic sales plan and produces outputs that drive implementation and build engagement.


Market Capability Analysis

A proven aid that the sales director can use to analyse the change that is needed in behaviours, skills and business resources to deliver the strategic aim.


Change Map

An aid that helps the sales director identify:

  • Areas where change is critical if the strategic aim is to be achieved
  • Prioritise change issues
  • The catalysts, approach and challenges of implementing change.

Strategic Leadership Manual

All our Ready To Go programmes are supported with a professionally prepared participant manual that cover the course content, all practical assignments and detail copy slides. Each participant is provided with the programme manual as a printed copy and in PDF format.


TLSA Completion Certificate

Each participant receives a ‘TLSA Completion Certificate’ as evidence they have completed the programme. If an external certification from a professional body is included with the programme the certificate will be provided by the professional body.

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