Case Study: Manufacturing
Sales Development

“In the first weeks of the year we have begun to see unprecedented growth and, although hard to quantify, I’m certain our position is markedly improved for the TLSA team involvement.”

Sales Director

The Client

A global brand leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear sought TLSA’s assistance in developing a sales leadership and sales development programme. The business generated net sales of over €5 billion and had over 40,000 employees globally.

The Challenge

To develop the sales management team, who had differing levels of capability and experience, into a cohesive group with a consistent approach to sales leadership. Putting these leadership foundations in place would pave the way for a wider strategic programme that leaders could deliver to their direct reports in order to create a sales force that would be seen as ‘Best in Class’ on a national and international level.

The Solution

A critical focus was on developing the sales leadership team as coaches and trainers, with the skills and resources to provide ongoing development for their people after the programme. A tailored programme was delivered over one year to the sales leadership, sales and marketing teams. It followed a structured process from research and design through to final review. This process included workshops, field visits, one-to-one coaching, progress meetings and accreditation.

In the research phase, two assessment tools were used to provide feedback and coaching on individual strengths and development areas for each of the sales leaders:

  1. Psychometric Profiling: to benchmark the team against top performers
  2. 360 Degree Feedback Assessments: to measure leadership effectiveness and progress through anonymous feedback from direct reports, peers and line managers.

TLSA tailored its flexible content to the client’s industry through case study to the client’s and equipped each sales leader with to enable them to develop their teams with the critical skills needed to raise their status from sales people to business partners.


Senior management reported seeing “a real return on investment” after the programme, including a net sales increase of 7.5%. The course material and business simulations have been integrated into induction and on-boarding processes in the business.

“We started working with TLSA and they have consistently delivered excellent results. Their approach was to really understand our business and tailor the training solutions to our industry, culture and specific requirements. The bespoke training perfectly fitted with our needs and business objectives”

National Training Manager

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