Case Study: Software

Leadership Development

“Having decided to develop our management team with a leadership and development programme, I can honestly say it is money well spent. We have a level of professionalism we didn’t have before, with a common language and understanding. We have processes in place, and a group of managers who have confidence in leading their teams effectively. They have a much greater commercial awareness and understand how their departments fits into and feeds the business as a whole.

That transition is largely as a result of Brett’s input and training. He is a very strong communicator and forges strong relationships – people open up to him, which is essential. In a world of mediocrity, Brett stands out from his competitors. I can confidently say we wouldn’t have grown as a business to the degree we have, without Brett’s input.

This is as an investment not a cost. Working with Brett has been significant and far reaching.”

Managing Director

The Client

A specialist software developer focused on Sage X3, which had evolved from start-up to SME and established a reputation for professional implementation, innovation and support for a complex software package.

The Challenge

This was a business that had enjoyed significant growth which had been driven by the company founders. As part of that growth strategy a group of six department heads was brought into the business to lead and develop the functions would need to grow. The challenge was forming this group into a cohesive leadership team that would take responsibility for the business and work towards achieving the strategic aims of the organisation

The Solution

TLSA was commissioned to run a business leadership programme with the objective of equipping the group with the skills to lead their own functions and operate as a cohesive leadership team. Achieving this objective was a critical step in the organisation’s growth strategy,

TLSA designed a leadership programme delivered over 18 months that featured workshops on:

  • Leading the Team: to address leading and managing direct reports
  • Strategic Leadership: to develop the strategic capabilities of the group
  • The Leadership Team: to facilitate this group working as a leadership team to achieve business objectives.

The workshops were supported with one to one and group coaching sessions on a quarterly basis to ensure the group became a leadership team working cohesively to implement the growth strategy of the business.


The programme drove change through the business. It was a journey that raised challenges, created solutions and saw two members of the original group leave the organisation. However, the programme contributed to:

  • Business growth
  • A leadership group working as a team not individual department heads with different agendas
  • New product development creating business growth as a result of the strategic leadership workshop


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